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As a Canadian and Norwegian American, Bjorn has spent the past decade studying and working in film throughout Europe and North America. He is a director, actor, producer, and Congressional Campaign Manager known for his film Light on Your Feet: A Night on Granville Street (2019). In honor of student filmmakers, NASA chose to transmit Bjorn's documentary, 14000 Miles (2021), to the Satellite, "Voyager 2", which in turn beamed it to the North Star (a/k/a Polaris). Upon the completion of the transmission of the film, he received an original flag flown over the United States Capitol Building at the special request of Washington State Senator Patty Murray. Bjorn's filmography has also appeared anywhere from Times Square to Oslo's Central Station. He is currently in post-production for his third documentary, and in January 2024 started pre-production on a fourth film scheduled to be completed in August 2024. In January 2024 Bjorn announced that he was also taking over the role of Campaign Manager for a Democrat Candidate running for the United States House of Representatives. Bjorn spends his time living between Vancouver (Canada) and New York (USA).

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