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14000 Miles
Each Person Has Their Own Question

A young man searching for truth in a truth-less age. As a globalized world grows into fruition, the mixing of cultures, science, and religion has left a void where honest ignorant certainty is filled in the past. Belief systems are being challenged, and it seems all that is left is the individual experience. Did those who came before us understand and hold something that the modern world has sacrificed in the honor of progress? A young man partakes on a journey, alone, across North America looking to see if there was a memory, or existence of that sacrifice left. Driving 14,000 miles in 64 days, conducting 50 interviews ranging from billionaires to poor farmers, members of Gen Z to Centenarians. An answer is found, perhaps it is wrong, but that is for you to decide.

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Times Square

14000 Miles at the crossroads of the world.

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